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Development of ParentEdge Finished, October 16, 2012


Dearborn, MI - October 16, 2012 - SchoolEdge Mobile is proud to announce the completion of the ParentEdge educational communication and messaging platform.

ParentEdge is a new and unique piece of educational technology designed to facilitate communication between teacher and parent through automated texting and emailing.  The ParentEdge can be used successfully and effectively in elementary and secondary schools.

At the elementary level ParentEdge provides parents with a daily update directly to their phone and email from their child’s elementary school teacher.  This message contains an update telling the parent what their child should do to prepare for the next day of school.  It can be used to inform parents about tests or quizzes that should be studied for, upcoming classroom events, things that need to be brought in to class the next day, projects that need to be worked on, and anything else the teacher wants to include in the short, automated message.

At the elementary level ParentEdge provides parents with accurate information in an easily accessible and hard to ignore format so parents can ensure their children are prepared for school the next day.  It allows parents to talk to their children about what is happening in class on a daily basis.  This helps children begin developing good academic habits at a young age by placing importance on academic achievement and personal responsibility.

At the secondary grade level ParentEdge provides parents with a daily/nightly update directly to their phone and email regarding their child’s responsibilities for each class the following day.   It informs the parent if their child has an upcoming test they should study for in 1st hour, if they have homework that is due tomorrow in 2nd hour, a project that needs to be worked on for 3rd hour, reading that needs to be done for 4th hour, a rough draft of an essay that is due in 5th hour, a quiz in 6th hour, and anything else that needs to be done for school tomorrow.

ParentEdge gives parents of children at the secondary level the information they need to ensure their children are meeting their responsibilities as students and succeeding academically.  ParentEdge provides a way for continuing academic excellence to become a daily point of conversation between parent and child.  At the higher grade levels parents have the option of their child receiving the daily assignment update directly to their own phone to help develop personal responsibility and to prepare the student for college and beyond.