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Full Teacher and Parent Survey Results!

We have surveyed hundreds of parents and teachers asking for their thoughts and experiences with ParentEdge.  Let us share some of those results with you:  

We asked teachers:

Do you think ParentEdge has helped students in your class specifically?

78% of teachers said: Yes.

22% of teachers said: No.

Do you think ParentEdge has benefited your school as a whole?

86% of teachers said: Yes.

14% of teachers said: No.

Is the ParentEdge interface for teachers easy to use?

98% of teachers said: Yes.

2% of teachers said: No.

How much time per week does it take you to enter your homework or other reminders into ParentEdge?

18% of teachers said: 0-2 Minutes.

58% of teachers said: 3-5 Minutes.

20% of teachers said: 6-10 Minutes.

4% of teachers said: More than 10 minutes.

We asked parents:

Do you like receiving the ParentEdge homework text messages daily?

82% of parents said: Yes.

18% of parents said: No.

Do you like receiving the ParentEdge homework emails daily?

88% of parents said: Yes.

12% of parents said: No.

If not already would you prefer to receive ParentEdge homework texts and emails for all your children in school?

90% of parents said: Yes.

10% of parents said: No.

Do the ParentEdge homework updates help you to better know what your child's homework is for the day?

76% of parents said: Yes, Very Much!

19% of parents said: Yes, Somewhat.

5% of parents said: No, Not Really.

In short how do you view ParentEdge overall?

79% of parents said: A Very Helpful Tool!

12% of parents said: Somewhat Helpful!

9% of parents said: Not very helpful at all!

So in short:

Does ParentEdge help students succeed?


We are very excited about these survey results.  In the near future we will be posting the comments we have received from parents and teachers about ParentEdge.  Basically, what they like and what they don't like about it.  The feedback we have received will go a long way in guiding our update plans for ParentEdge.