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New ParentEdge Updates!

We are pleased to announce several new features that are being added to our ParentEdge homework texting platform.  

The biggest new addition with this update is a change to the structure and delivery of text messages and email messages.  In short, parents will no longer receive homework texts from ParentEdge with blank class information.  Prior to this update the message would show every class a student has, regardless of whether a teacher had entered homework for that class or not.  This took up space and created a less than appealing look for the message.  

Now messages will only contain and show classes where homework has been entered.  It will save space and it will make the messages far easier for parents to understand.  If a class doesn't show up, the teacher didn't enter any homework.  It is now as simple as that. 

The other smaller change we are making with this feature update is for parents and has been requested multiple times.  Parent users will now have the ability to change their password to whatever they want.  It sounds simple but it will make using ParentEdge even easier for our thousands of parent users!  

If there are any other features you would love to see please let us know!