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New Referral Program Announced

We are now officially announcing our new referral program for schools currently using ParentEdge.  The program is quite simple and designed to provide a valuable incentive to current schools for sharing what they know and love about ParentEdge with others. 

As a school currently using ParentEdge you now have the ability to receive a 50% discount on ParentEdge service for an entire year.  

How?  For every new school* referred to us purchasing ParentEdge for the year you get 50% off the price of ParentEdge for the year (basically half a year free).

The best part: you can do this more than once. 

What if you refer two schools that purchase ParentEdge? 

You get an entirely free year of ParentEdge homework texting and email service for your school!

What if you refer more than two schools that purchase ParentEdge?

We will keep adding free half years onto your ParentEdge service contract until you run out of people to call!

In short, we want you to tell your friends about ParentEdge and we want to make it worth your time to do so.

To make it happen just make sure the principal from the new school tells us that you referred them.  We'll keep track of it from there!

*The only small print we've ever had on this site:

The school you refer must be, at minimum, within 300 students of your school's enrollment size.  Bigger is obviously totally fine.  For example, if you have 600 students and you refer a school with 400 students you are good to go.  However, if you have 600 students and you refer a school with 100 or 200 students it wouldn't count.  The discount will be credited once the school you referred provides a purchase order for the year.

That's it.