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About ParentEdge Homework Texting

I designed this system because I saw a need for schools to communicate
on a more personal level with parents.  I have heard parents constantly complain that they want to be more involved with their kids classwork, but don't know how to begin.  I thought about this and realized that in the parent-child school relationship dynamic, the child has all the power.  The child has all the information about school responsibilities, assignments, daily study requirements, etc.  Fact is, the child knows what is required in school for the next day:  whether they have a test, reading to do, a workbook to complete. The parent doesn't know unless, quite simply, the child volunteers the information. Typically, the only time the parent has the informational edge is retroactively talking about missed assignments and failed exams.  At that point, the academic damage has already been done.

My goal for this service is to completely change that failure dynamic and allow parents to be proactive with their kids daily school responsibilities.  ParentEdge is designed to make it easy for parents to reach out to their children on a daily basis and have a conversation about school.

ParentEdge is designed to provide the catalyst for this conversation using what has become the standard for communication in many of our lives:  the cell phone.

Over the past decade we have seen a slow but constant technology transformation from desktop to laptop to mobile (cell phone) communication. Peoples daily  lives have become more hectic and driven by the realization that for good or  bad, information and communication are instantly available anywhere and anytime.   Our ParentEdge service acknowledges that concept and embraces it.  That is why I designed the service to send information through email and specifically text messaging.

Many peoples lives (mine included) accept text messaging as the standard tool for daily communication.  It is convenient, quick and easy.  It doesn't require the time and focus needed for a voice call nor the length and formality of an email.  Text messaging filters out the emotional baggage  and provides simple objective connections to the people in our lives.

It is the perfect delivery medium for our service.  It provides us with a quick, efficient, easy way to notify parents about what is happening in the child's school classes.

It is my hope and belief that as ParentEdge becomes the standard medium for parent-child school communication,  academic success rates for students will increase dramatically. I know as a student, teacher and now as a parent, the number one reason kids do well in school is because their parent's are involved in their lives.  I believe ParentEdge provides the tools necessary for parents to begin and continue this involvement starting in kindergarten all the way to graduation.

This is our belief; this is our cause; that is our mission.

If you have benefited from ParentEdge or would like more information,
please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Chris Hren
ParentEdge Founder

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