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ParentEdge Daily, Jan 13, 2014

Daily Education Tip for Parents: Pay more attention to your kids phone usage on a daily basis.  They are constantly sending texts, snap chatting, tweeting, etc. and it can make a big difference if you are aware of this.  I say that because these actions can be very distracting and take away from homework time or studying.  Obviously they do have their place as well.  Especially for students working in what could be considered virtual study groups through texting and twitter.  Just be aware though and maybe once in a while consider asking your kid to put the phone down for a few minutes and focus.  

ParentEdge News: Ramsey Junior High School will begin sending out homework text messages today at 5:00 pm EST.  This will allow parents to be updated regularly on what their child needs to do.  Homework texting is proving to be an incredibly reliable means of keeping parents and students up to date on work that needs to be done.  ParentEdge is the easiest and best way to send out those homework texts!