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ParentEdge Daily: Pay Attention!

Daily Education Tip for Students: Make sure that you actually listen to what your teacher is saying in class.  Seems obvious but man, very few kids actually do it.  It would make such a huge difference for you as a student.  Why?  Because you might actually know what is going on.  Now, I realize that if you are reading this you are more than likely a kid that pays attention in class since you are reading a blog about paying attention in class.  However, I would suggest telling your friends, “hey pay attention”.  Not that hard to do and it can make a huge difference for them.

ParentEdge News: ParentEdge is going to be updating all of the schools that are currently moving to their second semester soon.  Teachers will be seeing their classes entered into the system over the next few weekends depending on when your semester actually starts.  Students and parents will see no difference except the daily homework texts will now contain their up to date schedule with correct class information for the second semester.  Depending on your building the homework texts will stop for a day or (or not) as we do the updates.  Email us at if you have any questions.