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Special Ed Teachers and Intervention Specialists: We can help!

In an effort to help you and your special ed students succeed we have a new idea to suggest.  Recently we began adding the email addresses of special ed teachers to their caseload students so that they would receive the homework emails as well.  We don’t want to intrude on your phones though so no one was signed up to receive the homework texts.  

We have found that this simple and easy step has made it much easier for special ed teachers to reach out to their students and make sure they are doing what needs to be done for academic success.  It doesn’t alter the homework texts or emails currently being sent out to parents either, it simply is an extra addition for special ed teachers to help out.

If you are a special ed teacher in a school currently using ParentEdge we would be happy to set things up for you so that you can receive these daily emails for your students.  Please speak with your principal about it or email us at and we will take care of it for you! 

Also, to make sure credit is given where due, this idea was not originally ours.  One of the first schools to use ParentEdge, Hudson High School in Hudson, NY, suggested the idea.  The principal, Antonio Abitabile, thought it would help his teachers out immensely and so far we have heard great things!