Does ParentEdge Work?

We know ParentEdge helps students succeed.

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The more important question is: How do we know?

We have surveyed hundreds of parents and teachers asking for their thoughts and experiences with ParentEdge.  Let us share some of those results with you:  

We asked teachers:

Do you think ParentEdge has helped students in your class specifically?

78% of teachers said: Yes.

22% of teachers said: No.

Do you think ParentEdge has benefited your school as a whole?

86% of teachers said: Yes.

14% of teachers said: No.

Is the ParentEdge interface for teachers easy to use?

98% of teachers said: Yes.

2% of teachers said: No.

How much time per week does it take you to enter your homework or other reminders into ParentEdge?

18% of teachers said: 0-2 Minutes.

58% of teachers said: 3-5 Minutes.

20% of teachers said: 6-10 Minutes.

4% of teachers said: More than 10 minutes.

We asked parents:

Do you like receiving the ParentEdge homework text messages daily?

82% of parents said: Yes.

18% of parents said: No.

Do you like receiving the ParentEdge homework emails daily?

88% of parents said: Yes.

12% of parents said: No.

If not already would you prefer to receive ParentEdge homework texts and emails for all your children in school?

90% of parents said: Yes.

10% of parents said: No.

Do the ParentEdge homework updates help you to better know what your child's homework is for the day?

76% of parents said: Yes, Very Much!

19% of parents said: Yes, Somewhat.

5% of parents said: No, Not Really.

In short how do you view ParentEdge overall?

79% of parents said: A Very Helpful Tool!

12% of parents said: Somewhat Helpful!

9% of parents said: Not very helpful at all!

In short, ParentEdge helps.  

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