Elementary Teacher Support

Elementary Teacher Support

Please use this support section if your primary interface looks like the image below to the right.  Though you may be an "elementary" school teacher some elementary schools actually use our secondary interface due to the students switching classes throughout the day.  Please go here to access support for our secondary interface. 

Elementary Teacher Tutorial / Training Video

Here you can watch a short (5 minute) training video that will help you understand the use and function of ParentEdge.  If the video does not load or this video is blocked at your school there are several alternatives for you:
Click here to be taken to this help video on YouTube
Click here to directly download the video file if all video hosts are blocked at your school

Elementary Teacher Frequently Asked Questions

When does ParentEdge send the automatic text message and email?

The text and email are sent everyday automatically by the application itself. The actual time during the day when the message is sent is selected by the school administration. The times range from 3:00 p.m EST to 10:00p.m EST.

What time each day must I have my information entered to have it be included in the ParentEdge message for that day?

You must have your information entered and saved at least 10 minutes before the time your school selected to have the messages automatically sent out.

What days are messages sent out and what information is in each message?

Messages (texts and emails) get sent out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. As an example, the message that ParentEdge texts and emails to parents on Monday contains all of the student’s homework for Monday night.

Do I have to do anything to make sure messages are sent out?

As a teacher, the only thing you need to do is enter your homework information into the application each day. It takes about a minute or less. Just enter the information, click “save day” in the application and you are done.

Can I enter homework information in advance?

If you know in advance what the homework will be for the following week, month etc. you can enter it into ParentEdge. You can plan as far in advance as you want. Simply select the correct week from the calendar and enter whatever you want.

Can I change or update information after it has been submitted?

You can update the homework/information to be sent home easily by logging in, changing it, and clicking “Save day”. As long as it is done at least 10 minutes before the time selected by your school to have the messages sent out the changes will be saved and the new information included in the message.

What information goes into the text message that is sent every day?

It contains the information entered by the elementary teacher for that day. It will say if there is a test or quiz based on what is selected. It then includes whatever information the teacher entered into the 135 character box. The information entered can be related to homework, study tips, projects, reminders, notifications, field trip information or anything else the teacher thinks the parents/student should know.

This is an example of what the text message will actually look like:

(First five letters of teacher's last name.) Quiz Presentations are tomorrow. Do page 3 in your phonics workbook for HW. Remember the field trip is on Friday, permission slip is due.

What information goes into the email that is sent every day?

The email will contain the same information as the text message.

Can I select a specific day to enter information on the calendar?

You are able to select the week you would like to enter information. Then simply find the entry box for the day and enter the homework or other information you want the parent/student to receive.

How can I change my password?

Click on the change my password option on the left side of the application and follow the instructions.

Can I type whatever I want into the 155 character text entry box?

You can enter any information you would like. It can be homework information, an announcement, notification, reminder, study tips, or anything you want the parent/student to know.

Is it possible to type more than 155 characters (letters, spaces, and punctuation) into the text box and have it included in the text message?

No, 155 characters is the maximum.

What is considered a character?

A character is basically any key you hit on your keyboard: a letter, number, space, or punctuation.

When I click “submit day”, how do I know it is saved?

After clicking “submit day” you will see a message appear under the button that says “day saved”. You will also receive a pop up alert indicating the day has been saved.

What is the test/quiz/none option in the ParentEdge application?

For your class, each day, you have the option of indicating if there is an assessment to study for. If you would classify it as a test please check the “test” button. If you would classify it as a minor assessment like a quiz please check the “quiz” button. If there is not a test or a quiz then click the “none” button. You have the option of including more information about the assessment in the 155 character text box.

What happens if I don’t enter information for a day?

If a teacher does not enter information and click “save day” no messages (text or email) will be sent to the parents of the students in that class for that day.

Do I have to do anything other than enter information and click “submit day” to use ParentEdge?

No, all a teacher has to do is quickly enter their information and click submit. There is nothing else you need to do.

What if my question was not answered here?

If your question was not answered here please email us at support@parentedge.com with any questions you have.