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Each day a text and email is automatically sent to parents with their child's homework.

Web Based.

Teacher Friendly.


We are currently offering a free quarter long trial of ParentEdge® to all interested schools. 

Full access.  Full Support.  Free Trial.  No obligation.

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ParentEdge Features

Once each school day a text message and email is sent out telling parents their child's homework.

  • Customized message time you can choose for your school.

  • Each text and email is personalized to every individual child's class or classes.

  • Everything is automated.  No one has to click send. 

  • Administrator access to check teacher usage, messaging stats and create homework reports.

  • Incredibly simple and easy to use teacher interface.  No more than 5 minutes a week needed.

  • Schools can update student database as needed.

  • Parents have complete control over contact info.  They chose whose phone receives the text and where the emails are sent.

  • Parents can opt in or opt out of ParentEdge messaging easily.

  • One phone number and up to three email addresses can be associated with each student.

  • Setup is easy and automated.  A simple export from your SIS is required and nothing more.

  • We provide award-winning support whenever and however you need.

  • Teacher training takes about 10 minutes or less.

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"ParentEdge is the most effective tool I have found to keep our parents informed. It bridges the gap between teacher and parent."

-Adam McKenzie, Principal, Marlington Middle School, Alliance, OH