How does ParentEdge help?


How does ParentEdge® help your school?

  • ParentEdge gets parents more involved in their children's academic life using the most popular form of communication today, texting and email.

  • It automates parental academic communication in such a way that a talk about school becomes a routine part of the day between parent and child.

  • It helps generate a classroom environment of responsibility and accountability so teachers can focus more on teaching and less on classroom discipline.

  • ParentEdge will make sure that more students are successful in your school: student failure rate will decrease, test scores will improve, and grades will go up dramatically all because parents are more involved.

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Administrators will see a significant increase in happy, informed parents.  This service embraces the role of mobile technology in education.   Administrators who sign up for ParentEdge messaging distinguish themselves as leaders in technological innovation and communication.  With ParentEdge, administrators will have positive proof that parents can have a voice and make a difference in their children’s education.

In addition, this system makes it especially easy for schools to meet the legal requirement of the majority of IEPs and 504 plans that call for parental notification on a daily basis.  The service also meets federal requirements for a parental communication program required for districts receiving Title 1 funding.

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Teachers will see a significant increase in students coming prepared for class.  The amount of time spent they spend having to contact parents regularly about upcoming assignments, tests, and projects will be cut to near zero.  Instead that time can be spent taking care of the many other responsibilities teachers must deal with on a daily basis. 

What once seemed like an arduous task of getting parents involved in their child’s education will become a source of positive pride for teachers in the school.  In some instances the entire culture of the classroom and school will change.  More and more students will begin taking their work seriously as parents become more involved in their education. Student’s grades will increase, their behavior will improve, and their absences will decrease.  In short, this service can help teachers create a better learning environment for all students.  Just as importantly, this service can help create a less stressful work environment for teachers where they deal less with angry parents and more with happy students and well informed, happy parents.

The service itself was designed by teachers for teachers so the actual use and function of it is incredibly streamlined.  The whole point is that it saves all teachers time on many levels of communication, classroom procedures, and classroom management.  The service is designed to be successful in school. It was created from the ground up to specifically address the needs of schools by educators for educators.


Once a day in the early evening parents receive a personalized message by cellular SMS text message and email telling them what their child needs to do for school the next day. It informs parents if there is any homework to be done that night, if there are tests or quizzes coming up and any other information. The key to this system is that every day, automatically without fail, a text message and email is sent directly to parents’ phones and computers telling them exactly what their child needs to do for school the next day.

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Here is an example of how it works on a personal level:

Let’s look at a student named Ben. Ben's mom wants him to succeed but is never sure how to help because she isn’t sure what she should talk with him about. She knows Ben is failing several classes by just a few percent. He also doesn’t seem to remember to study for tests and quizzes. Ben’s mom tries to talk with him about his schoolwork, but Ben usually just tells her he doesn’t have any homework and he usually forgets to study for tests. Her life is incredibly busy and she simply has to take him at his word despite his poor grades. She usually doesn’t have time to rifle through his backpack and folders everyday to check on him. Even when she does make the time, she ends up finding little information due to Ben’s lack of organization. One can imagine many more scenarios like this that play out far more regularly than we would like to believe.

Now imagine if Ben’s mom were to get an email and a text message everyday (right to her phone, which she of course never is without) at exactly 5:30 p.m telling her what Ben has to do in school the next day.

Do you think that would make a difference?

Signing up requires no effort on the parent's end. If parents didn’t like the idea or do not need the updates they have the option of opting out and not getting any messages at all. It is completely up to them!