Referral Program

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Any school currently using ParentEdge® now has the ability to receive a 50% discount on ParentEdge service for an entire year.  

How does it work?

Every new school referred to us by you will result in your school receiving a half year of ParentEdge service entirely free.  This is not a one time thing, every school referred to us will add to that total.  If you are really ambitious you could ensure your school will have free access to ParentEdge for years to come.  


The Details

  • To count as a referral the new school must tell us they were referred by you.  We will notify you of this and keep track of it from there.  

  • To receive the half year of ParentEdge free the referred school must purchase ParentEdge for the year.  (This can be after the free trial quarter we always offer to interested schools.)  

  • Upon receiving a purchase order we will notify you and a free half year of ParentEdge will be credited to your account.

Here is the only stipulation:

The school you refer must be, at minimum, within 300 students of your school's enrollment size.  Bigger is obviously totally fine.  For example, if you have 600 students and you refer a school with 400 students you are good to go.  However, if you have 600 students and you refer a school with 100 or 200 students it wouldn't count.