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ParentEdge is Growing!

We are currently thrilled with the continued growth of ParentEdge®.  Over the past weeks we have added 4 new schools to the ParentEdge system.  In the next several weeks we will be adding 5 more schools to the ParentEdge system!  By being an early adopter of the ParentEdge system these schools are putting themselves on the cutting edge of communication in education today. parentedge - Copy The schools we now have and will be adding to the system come from a wide range of socioeconomic regions.  It appears ParentEdge works equally well in areas of affluence and poverty.  The reason for this is simple: Everyone wants to see their child succeed in school.  The author of this post has never once had a conversation with a parent who said "I don't want my child to do well in school.  I'd rather they fail."  That attitude simply doesn't exist.  From the wealthiest individual to the poorest individual, everyone wants their children to succeed.  ParentEdge helps make that a reality.  We applaud and thank our early adopters for having the foresight and the vision to reach out to their students' parents through ParentEdge!