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ParentEdge Update

ParentEdge® is growing fast.  Our initial test school has now sent out 12,040 text messages and 6400 emails to parents over the course of the past two and a half months.  In addition, our much smaller individual test classrooms have sent out 850 texts and 670 emails over the past three months.  We are regularly seeing parents contact us or their school to added to the messaging list for their child's teacher.  (If you are a parent and would like to be added, please go here)  In addition, we have received feedback from multiple teachers explaining how parents have begun to rely on the message nightly for the valuable information it provides.  If the teachers forget to enter some information they have found that parents call or email asking "where is the ParentEdge update?"  We view this as a very positive thing.  It means that parents are using the messages as intended.  They are making sure their children are staying on top of their academic responsibilities and making school a priority in the home.  That is our goal.  To help parents help their children succeed in school. ParentEdge really is a way for the school to give back and ensure they are providing parents with valuable information they need to help their children.  When a school signs up for ParentEdge they are indicating to parents and the community that there is significant value in education being a focus at home.  ParentEdge shows that schools are reaching out to parents to help them and to ensure their is an academic focus at home.

In many cases teachers and principals talk with parents about getting involved and being a part of their child's academic success story.  However, the conversation usually ends there and their is little offer in regards to support.  That isn't the case for schools using ParentEdge though.  Instead, the principal or the teacher can tell the parents they will be receiving a message every day telling them what their child's homework is.  This message will come directly to their cell phone so it is easy to access and use.  It doesn't require extra effort from the parent, it simply shows up at the same time every night.  It bridges the gap between the school and the home.