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Ruben Daniels Middle School joins the ParentEdge pilot program!

We are very pleased and happy to announce that we have discovered another school filled with visionary educators to pilot the ParentEdge application during the second semester of the 2012-2013 school year.  Ruben Daniels is a 6-8 middle school building with 434 students in the Saginaw Public School District.  The principal who had the vision and foresight to join our pilot program for ParentEdge is Trent Mosley.  He believes that ParentEdge might lead to significant improvements in student achievement due an increased amount of parental involvement generated by ParentEdge. In many instances the parents at his school have easier access to cell phones with texting capability when compared to internet and email access. In reality it seems that simply emailing parents is no longer the way to go about contacting them.  When sitting down and checking email is a significant challenge for parents the last thing they are going to do is regularly check their email to see what their kids homework is for that day.  ParentEdge will send the information automatically and directly to the parent's phone.  It will happen everyday at the same time.  It makes talking about school and homework a daily routine at a set time every single day.

Since we are a Michigan based company we are thrilled that at least one of the pilot schools in our new program will be based out of Michigan. In the coming weeks we will be seeking to add more local schools to our program.  If you are a school leader and are interested in our pilot program, please contact us today!  We will let you know what the parents, teachers, students, and administrators at Ruben Daniels think about ParentEdge as the pilot program progresses.