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Seeking out Schools to pilot our ParentEdge application

SchoolEdge Mobile is proud to announce the completion and release of our first version of the ParentEdge messaging platform.  ParentEdge is a daily automated & personalized homework texting and email notification system.  It is designed for use in schools at all grade levels, K-12.  The ParentEdge platform works in a very simple way.  Teachers in a school will spend about 30 seconds a day entering their class’ homework information into ParentEdge.  Every day at a time specified by the school ParentEdge will send one text message to parents’ phones indicating what their child’s specific homework is that night in every class.  Finally, an email is also sent out to parents and students containing a more detailed version of the homework description. Chris Hren, the founder of SchoolEdge Mobile and a high school chemistry teacher, is thrilled to finally have the ParentEdge platform ready for use in schools.  “ParentEdge was designed to harness the power of the cell phone and computer to get parents more involved in their children’s educational lives.”  Hren’s motivation behind focusing on text messaging and email notification stems from the widespread adoption of mobile technology by the population as a whole.  “More and more today people’s lives are governed by alerts and notifications given by their smartphones, tablets, and computers.  Our goal with ParentEdge is to make a daily conversation about school one of those alerts, every single day.”

The excitement over the ParentEdge platform stems from the fact that parental involvement in children’s education is always cited as the number one reason students succeed academically at all grade levels.  In a survey conducted by SchoolEdge Mobile, all 65 school principals and superintendents asked said that parental involvement and support is “the most important” or “one of the most important” factors in student academic success.  In addition, all 65 principals and superintendents surveyed indicated they would like to see parents more involved in the daily academic lives of their students.  Incorporating the ParentEdge platform into their communications with parents will allow schools to begin a daily flow of information directly to parents phones and email accounts regarding their children’s academic work.

SchoolEdge Mobile is currently seeking partner schools to participate in a test of ParentEdge.  The test phase will take place during the 2nd half of the 2012-2013 school year.  The cost for partner schools to participate will be zero as long as they meet certain eligibility requirements for the test phase.  The planned total student population for the test is 3,000 to 6,000 spread across 5 to 10 schools.  For more information about the open testing of ParentEdge please contact Chris Hren (, 313-743-4910) or go to