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What does the term "Parental Involvement" actually mean today?

There are many benefits of getting parents more involved in their children’s education.  Those benefits all stem from impressing the importance of education upon children.  By being more and more involved in their children’s education parents can show their children that they believe doing well in school is important. The first thing parents generally hear though when someone tells them to be more involved is the idea that they have to sit down and help their children with their homework.  In most cases this can’t be further from the truth.  At the younger grades helping children with homework is generally a good and positive thing.  It shows that you value education and think it is important enough to spend your time on.  Generally the concepts covered at that early stage are things parents feel comfortable dealing with.  However, as students get older and older there comes a point where the subject material moves beyond easy concepts that parents remember and feel comfortable working with.  It is at this point many parents check out and simply place the responsibility of academics on their children alone.

That is the point where staying involved can do a great deal of good for the children.  However, staying involved doesn’t mean helping you son with his chemistry homework at night.  Most parents have no idea how to go about doing some sort of chemistry related calculation and they have no intention of spending hours figuring out how before they help their children.  That is completely fine.  The key to being involved is simply making sure your children are actually doing their homework or studying for a test.  Being involved doesn’t mean you have to sit down and help kids do their homework, it just means you should help them understand that homework is important and it should be done.  Simply talking with them and asking if they have finished their homework goes a long way towards building that positive relationship with education.

As you begin to place more and more emphasis on education in the home your children will place more and more emphasis on education at school.  They will pay better attention in class, be more eager to attend class, and will behave better when at school.  This all stems from simply letting your children know that you place value on their education.

One of the major challenges to having that conversation with your kids every night is simply that in most cases, you don’t know what your child’s homework is.  You probably don’t have a clue if they have to study for a test or a quiz that night.  Why?  Mainly because kids generally don’t like to talk about school with their parents and you don’t want to force them to.  There is a solution to this problem.  That solution is called ParentEdge.  ParentEdge sends out a text message telling you what your child’s homework is (test, quiz or other important information).   Additionally, you also receive an email at the same time containing the same (or enhanced) information.  It’s an incredibly simple program and concept and it is one that you, the parent, benefit from a great deal.  This service is specifically designed to keep you up to date and informed about what your child’s homework is every night.  You will now know everyday, what your child’s homework is and if they have a test or quiz to study for. ParentEdge sends this information directly to your cell phone in the form of one simple text message and an email everyday to make things as easy for you as possible.

Please go to for more information about it and let your child’s school know that you would like to begin receiving these messages daily.  It could make a huge difference in your child’s academic success.  Why?  Because it will make it easier for you to be involved with their academic life every single day!