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ParentEdge Update

At this point ParentEdge just reached the 20,000 text message plateau!  We have now sent out 20,000 text messages to parents with their child's personalized homework update in the message.  We have also sent out 10,500 emails with even more detailed homework updates! ParentEdge is currently operating in schools in six different states across the country!  We hope to be adding more in the next few months as we begin to make schools across the country aware of the opportunity that is ParentEdge!

Stay tuned for some new features which will be announced within the next few months for the coming school year!

ParentEdge Update

ParentEdge® is growing fast.  Our initial test school has now sent out 12,040 text messages and 6400 emails to parents over the course of the past two and a half months.  In addition, our much smaller individual test classrooms have sent out 850 texts and 670 emails over the past three months.  We are regularly seeing parents contact us or their school to added to the messaging list for their child's teacher.  (If you are a parent and would like to be added, please go here)  In addition, we have received feedback from multiple teachers explaining how parents have begun to rely on the message nightly for the valuable information it provides.  If the teachers forget to enter some information they have found that parents call or email asking "where is the ParentEdge update?"  We view this as a very positive thing.  It means that parents are using the messages as intended.  They are making sure their children are staying on top of their academic responsibilities and making school a priority in the home.  That is our goal.  To help parents help their children succeed in school. ParentEdge really is a way for the school to give back and ensure they are providing parents with valuable information they need to help their children.  When a school signs up for ParentEdge they are indicating to parents and the community that there is significant value in education being a focus at home.  ParentEdge shows that schools are reaching out to parents to help them and to ensure their is an academic focus at home.

In many cases teachers and principals talk with parents about getting involved and being a part of their child's academic success story.  However, the conversation usually ends there and their is little offer in regards to support.  That isn't the case for schools using ParentEdge though.  Instead, the principal or the teacher can tell the parents they will be receiving a message every day telling them what their child's homework is.  This message will come directly to their cell phone so it is easy to access and use.  It doesn't require extra effort from the parent, it simply shows up at the same time every night.  It bridges the gap between the school and the home.

Two Weeks of ParentEdge: 2242 Text Messages and 1323 Emails

parentedge - CopyParentEdge has been in service for two weeks at the HC Schaumburg Math and Science Academy.

In that time span 2242 text messages and 1323 emails have been sent out to parents from teachers by ParentEdge! 

These text messages and emails contain information about homework, tests, quizzes, study tips, announcements, and anything and everything that teachers have thought to put in them. We are thrilled with the results to this point in our beta test / pilot program!  The beta test of ParentEdge is open to any schools interested in getting parents more involved.  Check out information for it here.

Can increased parent involvement lead to better student behavior?

Lets assume a school is begins using ParentEdge because they want to see their students succeed academically.  They want their parents to get involved everyday with their children's academic life.  They want that informed, meaningful conversation about school to take place everyday.  The academic benefits from signing up for ParentEdge are seemingly obvious.csroom However, what about behavior?  We believe that a subtle shift in the academic climate of the school by using ParentEdge could lead to significant benefits on other fronts.  One of those is behavior.

When parents get more involved students will get more focused and take class seriously on regular basis. This increased focus and desire to do well could lead to a significant improvement in student behavior as well.  In most schools the students who are focused and ready to succeed are rarely behavior problems.  In most cases it is the students who are disinterested in class or the students who don't see any value in their education.  By altering that equation and getting more students to see the value in education through their parents, behavior may improve considerably.

Let us know your thoughts.  I'm very interested to hear if other educators agree or disagree with this idea.

ParentEdge Support Section Updated

The ParentEdge Support Section on our website has been updated with all new FAQ's and quick start guides to ensure that teachers, parents and administrators have all the information they need to make ParentEdge work for them.  Check it out today! Teacher Support Page

Parent Support Page

Administrator Support Page

At SchoolEdge Mobile our support team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best technical support you will ever see!  Contact us today for more information.

Henry C. Schaumburg Math and Science Academy joins the ParentEdge Pilot Program!

We are very pleased to announce that the Henry C. Schaumburg Math and Science Academy will be participating in the ParentEdge pilot program during the second half of their school year.  The Henry C. Schaumburg Math and Science Academy is a K-8 building located in the New Orleans Recovery School district.  The principal, Taylor Alston, has shown a great deal of insight and forethought in bringing this program to her students.  SchoolEdge Mobile is working with the school to gather parent communication information to ensure that with, or without, ParenEdge they will be better able to communicate with their students' parents from here on out! We are thrilled to have another school joining us in our endeavor to get parents more involved by helping schools communicate with those parents better!

What is ParentEdge and why does it help?

We are currently conducting a free pilot program of ParentEdge.  Please contact us for more information! ParentEdge is a service specifically designed to increase parent’s involvement with their children’s educational activities. The concept is simple: once a day/night parents of students will receive a personalized text message directly to their phone telling them what their child needs to do for school the next day. In addition, an email is automatically sent out at the same time containing the same information to as many as three email addresses per student. ParentEdge works at both the elementary and secondary level.

The unique aspect of ParentEdge is the fact that it automates the gathering of contact information, creation of the messages, and the delivery. Other applications that claim to be similar simply give teachers the option of doing a great deal of extra work. They require teachers to gather the contact information themselves, create and structure the messages, and send the messages individually for each class. ParentEdge requires none of that. The application is designed to be almost entirely automated and requires no more than perhaps 30 seconds of a teacher’s time each day or a few minutes a week.

ParentEdge is the only messaging system designed by teachers for teachers to save time and energy.

More and more, people’s lives are connected by alerts and notifications given by their smartphones, tablets, and computers. ParentEdge works because it turns one of those alerts into a daily conversation about school every single day. It harnesses the power the power of the cell phone and computer to get parents more involved in their children’s educational lives.

We are currently conducting a free pilot program of ParentEdge.  Please contact us for more information!

For more information about ParentEdge please go to


Looking for schools to join our free ParentEdge pilot program!

We are currently looking for more schools to join in our second semester 2012-2013 ParentEdge pilot program.

Target student population: All Students Staff participation: Building wide program Duration: Second half of 2012-2013 school year Cost: No cost to school Time required for initial setup: 15 minutes for teacher training, 30 – 60 minutes for administrative tasks related to set up Ongoing time requirement: 1 minute or less per day for teachers, minimal for administrators Goal of pilot program: For school to use ParentEdge over an extended period of time. This will allow us to gauge whether it has a positive impact on student achievement by notifying parents of homework and assessments on a daily basis. Expected benefits of program: Increase in student academic performance, better test scores, better communication between parents and school, increased student attendance, fewer discipline issues

Application for pilot program: Application for Pilot Program.

Link to description of our Elementary School Pilot Program.

Link to description of our Secondary School Pilot Program.


Ruben Daniels Middle School joins the ParentEdge pilot program!

We are very pleased and happy to announce that we have discovered another school filled with visionary educators to pilot the ParentEdge application during the second semester of the 2012-2013 school year.  Ruben Daniels is a 6-8 middle school building with 434 students in the Saginaw Public School District.  The principal who had the vision and foresight to join our pilot program for ParentEdge is Trent Mosley.  He believes that ParentEdge might lead to significant improvements in student achievement due an increased amount of parental involvement generated by ParentEdge. In many instances the parents at his school have easier access to cell phones with texting capability when compared to internet and email access. In reality it seems that simply emailing parents is no longer the way to go about contacting them.  When sitting down and checking email is a significant challenge for parents the last thing they are going to do is regularly check their email to see what their kids homework is for that day.  ParentEdge will send the information automatically and directly to the parent's phone.  It will happen everyday at the same time.  It makes talking about school and homework a daily routine at a set time every single day.

Since we are a Michigan based company we are thrilled that at least one of the pilot schools in our new program will be based out of Michigan. In the coming weeks we will be seeking to add more local schools to our program.  If you are a school leader and are interested in our pilot program, please contact us today!  We will let you know what the parents, teachers, students, and administrators at Ruben Daniels think about ParentEdge as the pilot program progresses.