Does ParentEdge require a lot of time to use?


30 seconds a day.

That's it.

What does the secondary interface look like?

  This is an example of the secondary school interface.  It is used for schools that have multiple class periods throughout the day.

What does the elementary interface look like?

 This is an example of the elementary school interface.  It is used for schools that have self contained elementary school classrooms such as 1st grade, 2nd grade, etc. 

Elementary schools with multiple class periods in the day would use the secondary interface seen further below.

How does ParentEdge® work for teachers?

  • Teachers enter homework information once a day.  If they are planned ahead they can enter information as far ahead as they want.  The interface is simple and very easy to understand.

  • Teachers only enter information for each different course they are teaching.  If they teach 3 sections of chemistry and 2 sections of biology they will only enter information twice; once for chemistry and once for biology. 

  • Teachers are not require to send out messages themselves, sign students/parents up, use their own personal devices, or their own personal contact information.  All of that is handled by the ParentEdge® system.   

Why does ParentEdge® work for teachers?

  • More students will know about homework and do homework.

  • Students come to class more prepared.

  • There is less need to individually contact parents on a regular basis giving you more time for other things.

  • Again, you'll have more time to do other things.  Time. 

ParentEdge is squarely designed to function in the real elementary and secondary classroom of today. It does exactly what it promises and nothing more. The interface is very streamlined and straight forward. There are no complex tools provided to teachers that sound amazing in theory but fall flat in practice. ParentEdge was designed by teachers for teachers to be easy and intuitive to use.
— Chris Hren, ParentEdge Creator and Teacher