We receive a great deal of positive feedback on ParentEdge from school administrators, parents, and teachers.  We want to share some of it with you here.   Click on each group of stakeholders to see what they have to say about ParentEdge:

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Administrator Feedback

"Our district sends out campus parent surveys each year.  The lowest area for us last year was consistent and timely communication.  Already, since we started using ParentEdge, I have received tremendous feedback from parents.  They love the text messages.   Also, the customer service is out of this world. I have                                 emailed at all times of the day AND night, I get an almost immediate response.  We love it!"

-Sheira Petty, Principal, Charlotte Anderson Elementary School, Arlington, TX

“This is our first year with ParentEdge and so far the parents and faculty have been thrilled. In a few minutes a day, a teacher can notify parents of upcoming assignments. Our SPED teachers are using it to monitor their caseload and some students actually receive the email themselves. We probably won’t order agenda books next year and use the savings to purchase ParentEdge again. ”

-Antonio Abitabile, Principal, Hudson High School, Hudson City, NY

"ParentEdge gives parents what they need – critical information they can use to have a conversation with their child about school. And I can’t say enough about their customer service, it has been excellent.

-Wes Weaver, Principal, Licking Valley High School, Newark, OH

“Since we started using it the homework completion in our school has gone up considerably. ParentEdge is an amazing tool. The support provided is truly exceptional. ”

-Dr. Raul Carranza, Principal, TEACH Academy of Technologies, Los Angeles, CA

“ParentEdge is the most effective tool I have found to keep our parents informed. It bridges the gap between parents and teachers. In addition, the support provided is really outstanding.”

-Adam McKenzie, Principal, Marlington Middle School, Alliance, OH

Feedback from Parents

"I love everything about it."

-Kiristan Coen, Marlington Middle School

"I like knowing about the homework. The format is fine and clearly designed."

-Patricia Boehm, Marlington Middle School


"It's easy to read and understand." 

- Wendy Anderson, Holtville Middle School


"I am notified of all homework and tests, so we can study. 8th graders are not always informative."

-Kimberly Gallina, Marlington Middle School


"I like that it lays out class by class what homework my children have due the following day."

-Kate Nagel, Rio Schools


"It is easy and simple to read."

-Maureen Sheridan, Hudson High School


"I like to know what his assignments are on a daily basis to help him stay on track. The texting and emails help keep my child and myself on track."

-Synthia Smith, Northwest Middle


"I like the school to home communication, so that I can better support my child with knowing what is expected to complete for homework."

-Kelly Lorton, Central Elementary School

"It comes at the same time each day which helps me remember to expect it. I have a child who does not study a lot due to her advanced knowledge and I fear her complacency will be her down fall. I know what she needs to do and she knows I know."

-Ramona Whitehurst, Holtville Middle School

Teacher Feedback

"I wish my children's schools had this."

-Patricia Pfann, Rio Community Schools

"I like being able to enter in the whole week at one time. I like the ease of entering information." 

-Teacher, Rio Community Schools


"I love both the text option and the email option."

-Teacher, Needville High School


"I like that it saves previous weeks so I can go back and look at when I assigned things."

-Teacher, Charlotte Anderson Elementary


"I like that it is easy and quick to use. It is a basic, painless system that lets me send out reminders to parents."

-Teacher, Marlington Middle School


"It keeps the parents informed about assignments and upcoming events. I think it is a really good communication tool."

-Teacher, Central Elementary School


"I like the fact that it sends the homework assignments right to the parents."

-Teacher, Charlotte Anderson Elementary


"I like how user-friendly it is. Parents love it. Teachers love it. Kudos to whomever thought of this idea and created it!"

-Melissa Bonar, Ramsey Jr. High School


"I love the ability to write exactly what's going on in class for the day.  Parents have told me that helps them know what to ask their child about when they come home from school."

-Teacher, Licking Valley High School


"I think it is a slick technological application of communication. It works smoothly and is straightforward."

-Teacher, Hudson High School


"I love that I can type in a week's (or month, if desired) of homework reminders."

-Teacher, Northwest Middle School


"It is a great tool to let parents know what is going on when students say they don't know what the homework assignment consists of."

-Teacher, Licking Valley High School


"It's easy to use and I can type messages quickly. Communication with parents is more efficient this way."

-Teacher, Sonora Intermediate School