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We've fixed school to parent communication.

From now on you can have our system send out one text message each day (and email as well) to every parent, with a list of all of a student's homework. That text/email contains everything a parent needs to know for the day.  Each message is unique to the student. 

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How does it work?

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Web Based.

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No student information system or free text messaging app works like ParentEdge. 

Most student information systems and homework messaging apps can send teacher generated, manual emails and texts to parents.  That's it.  They don't automate the process for teachers and they don't send out one single message with all of a student's homework.  Plus, all homework messaging apps require parent to sign up independently to receive any messages or alerts.  It is a system that ends up leaving out a huge number of parents. 

ParentEdge is easy to use for teachers.  It automates the entire messaging process combining all the information into one simple text message and email.  Sign up is handled at the school level without requiring each individual parent to sign up.  This way we reach far more parents than any other app or software out there.

In short, ParentEdge is unique and it works.  We've fixed communication between schools and parents.  Lets start giving kids homework again.  This time they'll actually do it!

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ParentEdge Features

Once each school day a text message and email is sent out telling parents their child's homework.

Text and Email Messaging

  • Customized message time you can choose for your school.

  • Each text and email is personalized to every individual child's class or classes.

  • Everything is automated.  No one has to click send. 


  • Administrator access to check teacher usage, messaging stats and create homework reports.

  • Incredibly simple and easy to use teacher interface.  No more than 5 minutes a week needed.

  • Schools can update student database as needed.


  • Parents have complete control over contact info.  They chose whose phone receives the text and where the emails are sent.

  • Parents can opt in or opt out of ParentEdge messaging easily.

  • One phone number and up to three email addresses can be associated with each student.

Setup and Support

  • Setup is easy and automated.  A simple export from your SIS is required and nothing more.

  • We provide award-winning support whenever and however you need.

  • Teacher training takes about 10 minutes or less.

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