If your child's school is already using ParentEdge but you are not receiving the messages please:

Click here for secondary schools or Click here for elementary schools. 

How does ParentEdge work for parents?

  1. Once a day, at the same time, parents will receive a homework text message and email from the ParentEdge system.
  2. This message contains a break down of all your child's homework for the day.  No message is sent out if none of the child's teachers have entered homework for that day.
  3. Parents have complete control over the messages.  They can opt out easily, update, or change their cell number and email address that receives the messages.

What does the parent interface look like?

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Common Questions from Parents

Is there any cost to for me to receive the homework text messages or homework emails?

There is no cost beyond whatever your phone provider charges per text message. If you are on an unlimited texting plan as many providers offer today there will be no charge. If you are charged on a per text basis then your carrier will charge you for each text received. If this is the case and you would like to opt out you can simply reply STOP to the homework text and you will be opted out.

What days are the messages sent out?

The homework texts and emails are sent out Monday - Friday at the time your child's school has chosen. You do not have to do anything to receive them. They simply are automatically sent out.

What exactly will the homework text message contain?

The homework text will contain whatever your child's teacher enters into the ParentEdge system. Usually this is the homework for the class however the information can also be a class announcement or other important info the teacher thinks you as a parent should know.

What should I do with the message each day?

We encourage you to speak with your child everyday about school. Numerous studies and experience has shown that being involved in your child's education will lead to them doing better academically. If you tell your child and show your child that school is important they will believe you and they will succeed. ParentEdge provides you with a great tool to do this. You will know what homework your child has each day and thus it will be easier to begin a conversation with them about school.