Administrator Tools

ParentEdge® was designed to make the life of an administrator easier.  With our administrator tool principals can easily check out homework information entered by any teacher in the building with one click. 

Administrators can see homework info in two ways:

  • Principals can generate homework reports with the simple click of a button. Click here for an example of the report.

  • Principals can access individual teachers as seen below to determine what they are entering for homework on a daily/weekly basis as needed.

Messaging Statistics

Administrators can monitor messaging volume and statistics during the course of the year. Yearly totals can be viewed as well showing the incredible amount of daily communication your school does with parents.

How does the setup process work for ParentEdge?

  • Let us know you want to use ParentEdge in your school and we'll get a contract for the year signed and move things along.

  • Our techs will work with you or your tech representative in getting the data we need from your student information system to import into ParentEdge. 

  • We provide you with any information necessary for teacher training.  Custom documentation can be provided if necessary along with a live webcast if needed.  In reality: teacher training takes about 10 minutes at a staff meeting but we can provide you with as much detail as you need.

  • All login information is emailed to teachers, parents, and administrators automatically.  The school calendar is added to the system by our techs and messages are then ready to be sent out. 

  • That's it.  ParentEdge is ready to go!

ParentEdge® works because it requires almost zero effort from all stakeholders: teachers, parents, and administrators. It is easy and trouble free.  We handle all the management, data input, and troubleshooting.