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ParentEdge Daily: Be Realistic

Daily Education Tip: Parents, try to talk with your students every day about school without pressuring them.  Is this an obvious one?  Yes.  Is it easy to do? Yes and no.  It all depends.  Just make sure your kids know you care about school and how they are doing in it.  Again though, don’t pressure them too much.  In the long run this can have a very negative impact on their overall success in school and life.  A little bit of encouragement and pushing can go a long way.  However an overbearing amount of intense pressure to get a perfect score on everything is not good.  If your child can achieve that they will whether you go overboard demanding it.  If they can’t do that well on everything no amount of pressure will make it possible.  Be realistic, love your children, and support them.

ParentEdge News: We will be updating all of the schools that will start their new semester in the next few weeks.  Student schedule data will be re-imported to insure that ParentEdge sends out homework text messages with the correct homework information for each class.  This will only be done for the schools whose students switch schedules for the new semester.