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ParentEdge Daily: Jan, 14, 2014

Daily Education Tip for Students: Your phone is an amazing tool that can do far more than just text your friends and take pictures for Instagram.  You can download a huge variety of apps that will help you immensely in certain subjects and classes.  Obviously though this depends on what your school’s policy is on technology in the classroom and cell phones in school.  Some are more forward thinking than others.  If your school (high school I am assuming for this advice) currently has a policy against cell phone use during the day then perhaps a change is in order.  Consider starting a student group, very respectfully of course, that would perhaps bring this matter up at a board meeting or with the school administration.

ParentEdge News: We will be sending out surveys to parents and teachers soon to begin gathering feedback and comments from on ParentEdge.  We want to hear what you think about our system!  Do you like the formatting of the automated homework texts, etc.?