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Ramsey Junior High School begins using ParentEdge!

Dearborn, MI - January 22, 2014 - We are proud to announce that ParentEdge homework texting and email messaging has begun at Ramsey Junior High School which is located in Fort Smith, AR.  Ramsey Junior High is a great school and we are proud to be working with them.  The setup and communication has been outstanding between all parties involved and we are thrilled that the Ramsey Junior High community has bought into ParentEdge.  

A few comments in case there are any questions from stakeholders:


If you have any questions regarding how ParentEdge works, how your classes are setup, how to enter data, or anything else please get in contact with us directly.  We are happy to provide detailed support for any issues or questions you might encounter so please don’t hesitate to email us at  In addition, here are some links to our support sections that might help answer your questions:

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Thank you for receiving the homework texts that ParentEdge sends out and thank you for being involved in your child’s education.  We hope that you find ParentEdge to be a valuable and worthwhile tool to better help your child succeed academically.  If you have any questions please email us at and we will address them immediately.  In addition, here are a couple of helpful links that might provide you with more information on ParentEdge.  If you wish to opt out of receiving messages, please click here:

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Finally: Parents, we would love to hear from you regarding your thoughts on ParentEdge. Please take the ParentEdge survey linked here and let us know what you think!


The ParentEdge Team!